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Send free sms to Nepal. Its a way to send free sms to Ncell and Free sms to NTC. Free sms to Nepal is easy and has been more easy for ever. Are you unknown about how to send free sms through internet? Ya, i am going to give you some links to send free websms to NCELL, websms to NTC . I will be updating links of more sites regularly.


Now the new way of sending world wide sms. Its unlimited and you can send as much as you can!!! Enjoy sending sms to The whole world.

Click here to Send Free SMS to Worldwide along with NCELL, NTC


Click here to Send Free SMS to Nepal including 200 counties of the world.




For sending free sms to Nepal Telecom (NTC):

click here to send free sms to NTC

I will be adding more ways soon.

Happy sending free sms to NTC


No registration required, send free sms to NTC


For sending free sms to NCELL

Click here to send free sms to ncell

Click the link above and process as directed there..


International SMS [ Sending Ncell and NTC WORKS too)

Here is another link for sending international websms. This is fully tested by and 100% sure.

click here to send free sms to ncell, ntc and international . You can send sms to many countries around the world.!!


Send Free SMS to NEPAL, NTC NCELL and WorldwideSimply Fill up the form to Send SMS world wide



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