Bajaj Bikes in Nepal with Latest Rates

Here are the latest Updated Bajaj Bikes Prices In nepal.

bajaj bikes

Kawasaki Ninja R 250cc 749,900

Pulsar F 220cc 239,900
Pulsar s 220cc 234,900
Avenger 220cc 234,900
Avenger 200cc 209,900
Pulsar 180cc 214,900
Pulsar 150cc 199,900
Pulsar LS 135cc 169,900
Discover 150cc 159,900
Discover Disk 135cc 158,900
XCD Disk 135cc 146,900
XCD Drum 135cc 139,900
Discover 100cc 139,900
Platina 125cc 134,900
Platina 100cc 114,900
Kristal 115,900

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