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1. Rajesh dai doesnt celebrate tihar coz once he did, universe was formed

2. Rajesh dai can hack internet from a calculator

3. Rajesh dai was once gym instructor of a skinny person. Today he is known as Arnold.4. Only Rajesh dai can block Mark Zugerberg on facebook

5. Rajesh dai was once cutting his long nails. Today we know it as JAGDAMBA STEELS

6. Rajesh dai suffered from cold and sneezed. That’s why a strong tornado occured in USA.

7. Earthquake occurs if rajesh dai performs break dance

8. A bus was badly damaged in an accident. Police found that it had collided with a bicycle rode by RAjesh dai

9. Rajesh dai can sell e-bay to e-bay from e-bay

10. Rajesh dai wasn’t born. The world just came to know of his existence today

If Facebook gets banned,

we’ll see people roaming in the streets with
their picture in their hands crying and
*Extraordinarily ENGINEERING Student*
Teacher: “Do you know Avogadro’s Number”?Student: “Avogadro Keta thiyo ki keti”?
Teacher: “Keta”

Student: “Sorry Dude, Ma keta haru ko number rakhdina ni” ;) :P
#Jaba kunai ketiko Biwaha hun6.suhagrat agadi Dulahilai sathiharuko sallaha.:-
*Gaugharko Aaimai:Je je gar6 garna dinu la.*Ardha sikshit Aaimai: Je jasto bhayapani sahanu pa6i aafai thik hun6.

*Modern Aaimai: chinta garchhes yar talai sabai thaha 6.*Bidesh basera farkeki kt: Oii kunai new style rahe6 bhane malai pani sikau Hai.

Haku एउटा जागिर खान परो भनेर, एक
कम्पनीमा Interview दिनलाई गएछ…
Boss: Well! What’s your name?
Haku : My name is Haku
Boss: Ok, let me check your word
Haku : Yes sir !
Boss: Tell me the opposite of “Good”
Haku : Bad
Boss: Come

Haku : Go
Boss: Fast
Haku : Slow !!
Boss: Ugly
Haku : Hochi (होची)
Boss: HOCHIIIIIII ?????????
Haku : अग्ली
Boss: Shut up!
Haku : Keep talking
Boss: Ok now stop all this!
Haku : Ok now start all this!
Boss: अरे यार !!!!!!!
Haku : अरे दुश्मन !!!!!!!!!!
Boss: साला चुप लाग
Haku : साली बोलिराख
Boss: Oh God !!!
Haku : Oh Devil
Boss: Get out …….!!!!!
Haku : Come in
Boss: You are “REJECTED”
Haku : I am “SELECTED”
hurrrrrrreeeeee ,
Thank You Sir .

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