Yamaha Bike Rates In Nepal-Latest Updated

Yamaha Bikes with latest Prices. Yamaha Bike Price Latest [Updated]


The Price List of YAMAHA Motorcycles effective from April 9th, 2013 (27 Chaitra 2069)

Yamaha Ray 113   1,58,900.00

YBR 110(5TSF/5TSG)   1,44,900.00

SS 125 (35B4)  1,74,900.00

YBR 125 DX (5YYL )  1,60,900.00


Entcer ( 5US2)  1,83,900.00


FZ16(21C1 /21C5)  1,99,900.00


FZS( 1PS2/1PS4/21C6)   2,18,900.00


FAZER (45 S4)   2,21,900.00


R15 ( 1CK1) 3,24,900.00

R15 (1 CK2) limited Edition  3,27,900.00


SZX (5481 )   1,74,900.00

SZR (1 PM3 / 54B3) 1,89,900.00

Terms & Condition _______________

1. The new pnc. will be same throughout Nepal.

2. Price is subject to change without notice, and would be charged as applicable at the time of delivery.

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