Interest Rate of all Banks of Nepal

We have collected Interest Rate of many banks of Nepal. If you are interested on adding interest rate of your bank, contact us using our link above.

Everest Bank Limited Interest Rate

Kist Bank Interest Rate

SnBankSavings (%)Fixed Deposit (%)
Monthly MinSpecial Savings1 year2 year5 year
 1Nabil Bank Ltd.3.02.0 – 7.09.5 – 10.510-1111-12
 2Himalayan Bank Limited3.09.59.5, 1111.511
 3Bank of Kathmandu2.253.0 –
 4Nepal Investment Bank2.07.57.0 – 7.57.5 – 8.08.0 – 8.5
 5Nepal SBI Bank.4.5 –
 6Everest Bank Ltd3.06.0 – 6.510.010.511.0
 7Laxmi Bank Ltd.3.03.5 – 7.510.5-1111-11.511.5
 8Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited4.04.0-8.011.511.7512
 9Prime Commercial Bank Ltd3.02.0-8.011.5--
 10Kumari Bank4.04.25-10.010.010-2510.5
 11Citizens Bank International Ltd3.03.5-
 12Lumbini Bank Ltd5.05.0 – 7.510.511.2511.5
 13Sidhhartha Bank4.254.25-
 14Nepal Bangladesh Bank6.04.0-
 15KIST Bank Limited76.25-
 16Sunrise Bank Limited6.05.25 – 7.2511.5--
 17Global Bank Limited4.04.25 – 7.010.0 – 11.510.0 – 11.510.0 – 11.5
 18Janta Bank Limited6.06.25 –

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